Polydi Attribute Point System

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Polydi have many physical and mental attributes.  An attribute is also referred to as a trait or characteristic.

Each Polydi receives points based on their abilities.  Below you will find our point system for some of the primary traits. 

Points STRENGTH SPEED STAMINA INTELLIGENCE Fully Charged Polydi Attributes
9 >> Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate
8 >> Superior Superior Superior Superior
7 >> Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding
6 >> Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic
5 >> Great Great Great Great
4 >> Good Good Good Good
3 >> Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate
2 >> Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory
1 >> Limited Limited Limited Limited

 Visit our Polydi Attribute Directory to find your Polydi.  You can also visit the Polydi biography section to learn more.


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