Polydi Symbol


Polydi Symbol

Effect Caused by the Polydi Symbol:

The "Polydi Symbol", is an important aspect of the majority of the games that can be played with Polydi™.  The beauty of the symbol is that it will have a "different effect" depending on which game you are actually playing.  You will need to read the Polydi game rules section to learn what the Polydi Symbol means in regard to the game that you are planning to play.


The Polydi Symbol looks a bit like a gear or sprocket.  However, the image has more significance. 

  • Peace Symbol : The center area contains a peace sign.  This represents the concept of "working together in a peaceful manner to resolve conflict".

  • Ships Steering Wheel : The Polydi Symbol has a similar appearance to a ships steering wheel.  This represents the concept of, "Have no fear of exploration or change.  Grow your mind, explore your surroundings, and learn everything that you possibly can along the way.  Be happy, comfortable, and eager to set sail on the adventure of life."

  • 12 Sections : The outer section of the Polydi Symbol has twelve sections.  This represents the fact that the original Polydi™ contains 12 flat surfaces (the flat triangle sections).  The original Polydi version has 9 numbers, 1 plus sign, 1 minus sign, and the 1 Polydi Symbol.  Note: We also make Polydi with 12 numbers (no Polydi Symbols) and Polydi with different quantities of flat surfaces.

Does Polydi™ ever change the appearance of the "Polydi Symbol"?  The answer is "yes", "no", "maybe".  Well, we have thought about changing the symbol on occasion to create special editions of Polydi™.  It is very possible that we will create rare versions of Polydi™ to surprise you.  Actually, we may have already made versions with a different Polydi Symbol.  That may be a secret, or surprise...

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Are you wondering about the Polydi Symbol?  Well, this is what it looks like.

Polydi Symbol
Eagle Polydi Showing Polydi Symbol
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