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Polydi™ have been developed to assist children with learning basic math skills through fun games that reinforce learning.  Our special, collectable Polydi™ allow children to develop their knowledge of basic math through play.  Kids enjoy playing Polydi games and will therefore enjoy learning, without even realizing that they are developing their math skills!

Our toys can be purchased simply as collectible pieces or they can be utilized to challenge friends or family to a game.  Polydi™ are typically sold in "mystery" packs which adds excitement for collectors.  If you are lucky, you may receive a rare Polydi™ in a sealed pack.

Note to teachers and parents  Parents & Teachers: Please visit our Parents section to learn more about the educational benefits of Polydi™.

Note to Players  Players : please visit our Game Rules section to learn about the games options.  Also visit the New Player Introduction section.


Can you keep a secret?  The company behind Polydi™ does not have a long history in the "Toy Industry".  The reality is that our background is in the "Fashion Industry".  Fortunately, the logistics behind manufacturing, importing, and marketing toys is rather similar to clothing.  Although the actual manufacturing techniques are different, the concepts and management of the process is relatively the same.  Our company is well experienced in regard to the production process, quality assurance, time & action schedules, etc.  Retailers that wish to purchase Polydi™ can be assured that our company is driven to provide high quality and on time deliveries.


     Visit the Polydi Video section to see Polydi in action.
Can you keep a secret about Polydi
  Roll them, spin them, DUEL them, win them

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