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Introduction to Polydi™ : The Story


This introduction to Polydi has NOTHING to do with the Rules of Polydi.  If you would like to play the game, you can visit the rules section.


Here is the “story” behind Polydi.

What are Polydi?

Polydi are highly collectable objects that can be used for dueling with your friends.

Although they appear to be toys, Polydi are actually “clones”, of different elements that are found throughout the universe.

Polydi have traveled to our world on a mission to collect information about our planet.  They do this by transforming a portion of themselves into a clone (copy) of the original item.  Polydi are currently in the process of cloning our entire world; one item at a time. 

Earth was NOT the first or last stop for the Polydi.  Our planet is only one of many locations mapped out on their long voyage.

Polydi are collecting information so that they can help “protect” the resources of our universe.


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