Player Introduction to Polydi™


What are Polydi?

Polydi™ are collectible toys, that often come sealed in a "mystery" pack.  Because some Polydi will be more desirable to you than others, the sealed packaging adds to the excitement of collecting.  Until you open your new pack, you will not know if you have received the Polydi that you have been hunting.  If you are extremely lucky, you may open a pack that contains a rare Polydi.

Polydi™ toys can be purchased simply as collectible pieces or they can be utilized to challenge your friends or family to a game.

Is Polydi a trick to make kids learn math?
How do I play with Polydi?

important fire icon  Have you seen our Suggested Games section.

Polydi with Game Pieces

Are you ready to learn the game?

After you master the recommended games, you may want to further explore other game options.

Are you interested in learning the story of Polydi?


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