Polydi Videos 


Here are a few videos of the Polydi in action.

Polydi Card Chaos - new Polydi game invented March 2013

Spinning Toy February 2013 - another angle on Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger Spinning February 2013

Polydi Dice to Tube to Tunnel (November 22, 2012)

Polyd Spin Off Four Ramps (success)

Polydi Spinning Die Off Four Ramps (not in the order we wanted, but really a fun spin) - October 2012

Polydi Spinning TRIPLE Bankshot October 2012

Polydi Double Ramp Spin October 2012

Polydi Trick Spin July 2012

Polydi Graphics Preview May 2012

Polydi Prototype Spin April 2012

Polydi Video

Polydi Spider, Tiger, Pirate and Game Pieces
Polydi Toys December 2012

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