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In the game of Polydi, a primary aspect of the challenge is based on a point system.

As a player roles his or her Polydi, the numbers that are rolled are used to track the players score.  We call these numbers strength points or power points.  In summary, the strength points or power points are your “SCORE”.  When you reach a particular score, you can win the duel.

If you are playing on any of the levels above the most basic level of Polydi, we strongly suggest that you use a piece of paper to manage your score.  Polydi champions may wish to use a special Polydi Score Sheet.  However, using a generic pad or simply a scrap piece of paper will work fine as well.

When using paper to keep track of your Polydi scores, be certain to utilize all locations on the paper (front and back), so that you help conserve natural resources.  Keep in mind that paper comes from trees and we most certainly do not wish to waste them.  If you have room left on your paper for more scoring, you can save the paper for the next time you play.

Tip: After you finish each duel, we suggest that you cross out the scores from your previous duel.  This will help avoid adding up the wrong numbers in your current duel.


Rather then assign players with negative points, we have decided to only assign positive points.  At this time, Polydi has no “hit points” or “damage points”.   We only offer “Strength Points” or “Power Points”.

It is important to keep in mind that Polydi continues to evolve.  It is very possible that additional scoring systems will be added in the future.



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