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In the game of Polydi their can only be "one" champion at a time. 

If two or more players have a tie score, the players with the same score must ROLL AGAIN.

During this extra turn, "All" the rules of the game still apply.  If the player rolls a plus sign, minus sign, or Polydi Symbol, they must follow the rules for those symbols.

Each player in the tie breaker continues to roll until they roll a number.

If a tie score is reached again during this process, the players that are tied for the highest score will repeat the process until their is only one winner.

Polydi Game Tie Breaker Rules

Important: The other players in the duel that are not involved in the Tie Breaker round are still active players in the duel.  Although they are not permitted to have a turn to roll their Polydi during this tie breaking round, the players are still part of the duel.  If any of the players that are involved in the tie breaker round roll a Polydi Symbol, that player still collects a Polydi from "All" players.



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