Edge the Ledge Challenge : Multi Player


Each player starts the game with the same number of Polydi.  Our suggestion is to start with ten or more.

Use a cardboard box, table, counter top, or another play area that is off the ground.

Spin one of your Polydi near the edge of the table.

All players start their spin at the same time.

The Polydi that lands the closest to the edge without falling over wins the duel.

The winner of the duel collects the Polydi from the other players.

Continue playing until one player wins all of the Polydi.

  • If a Polydi goes off the edge, they lose the duel.
  • If all Polydi go off the edge, everyone spins again.
  • It is OK if the Polydi bump into each other.
  • Catch your Polydi before it drops to the floor.

Tip: set up a table near a carpeted area or outside on the grass.  Just incase you do not catch the Polydi before they hit the ground, the Polydi will have a softer landing.

You can also play the Edge the Ledge Game alone as a single player game.


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Edge The Ledge Polydi - robot

NOTE: Before playing this game, please check with your parents to make sure they approve of the location you select for the game.  You should NOT play if you are above a tile floor or any other surface that can be damaged if you do not properly catch your Polydi before they reach the floor.
  As with all Polydi game versions, return the Polydi to the owners when the game is completed.

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