Race to Win Level 3 : Requires Addition


Each player starts the game with the same number of Polydi.  We suggest 5 to 10 Polydi™.

Each player starts at the same time.  Roll as fast as you can until one player gets all of their Polydi on the same NUMBER.

Only re-roll the Polydi you wish to re-roll.

plus sign Roll a Plus Sign, you will be slowed down by doing a task.  Add the numbers rolled on "all" of your Polydi BEFORE you can re-roll.
minus sign Roll a Minus Sign, your team of Polydi have been FROZEN by a spell.  That Polydi must be rolled again until it lands on a SEVEN.  That will unfreeze your team.  After you roll a seven, you can begin re-rolling any Polydi you wish.
Polydi Symbol Roll a Polydi Symbol, you must re-roll "ALL" of your Polydi.

Tip: If you roll a minus sign more than once during your roll, you must work to break the freeze spell more than once.  If you roll more than one Polydi Symbol on the same roll, it does not really matter.  It only takes one to cause you troubles...


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Race to Win Polydi game

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