Polydi Roundup Game Rules


Object of the Game:

Roll your Polydi into the circle.  The winner rounds up all of the Polydi that have missed the circle.

How to Play:

Each player starts with 10 or more Polydi.  All players must start with the same number of Polydi.

Take a piece of paper and draw a large circle on the paper.

Place the paper on the floor.

Sit down on the floor. It is best to be a few feet away from the circle, but this will depend on your skill level and the amount of space available to you.

Each player rolls “one” Polydi at a time (take turns).

How to win:

If a player rolls a Polydi and it lands INSIDE the circle they win the round.  Each player gets an equal number of turns.  If two or more players land inside the circle during the same round, the number or symbol on the Polydi is the tie breaker.

For the tie breaker the order from high to low score is as follows:

Polydi Symbol Polydi Symbol(this is the best roll)

Plus Sign










Minus Sign (this is the lowest roll)

If two or more players rolled the same number or symbol, they should roll a Polydi in front of them to determine the winner.

What is won:

The player that wins the round wins all of the Polydi that have been rolled and have landed OUTSIDE the circle.

The winner also gets “one” Polydi from each player.

If a player rolled into the circle during this same round (but lost in the tie breaker) they get that Polydi back.

IF you win all of the Polydi from all players, you win the game.

As with all Polydi games, at the end of the game, you should return all Polydi to the original owners.

Note: If the game is too easy or too hard, move your starting line position.  Also, you may want to get larger or smaller paper for your circle.


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