Spin to Win Time Challenge Multi Player


Spin to Win has two methods in the multi player version of the game.

Method # 1 - one player at a time.

Use a stop watch (timer) or count the seconds.

Each player takes turns spinning their Polydi.

Time how long the Polydi spins.

Write down the time. 

Now, the 2nd player spins their Polydi.  Each player takes a turn.

The goal is to spin for the longest time possible.

Method # 2 - all players at the same time.

All players spin their Polydi at the same time.  The Polydi that spins the longest wins the duel.

If you win a spin duel, you collect the Polydi from the other players.  First person to win all the Polydi wins the match.

  As always, at the end of the game, return the Polydi to the original owners. 

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Polydi Time Challenge

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