Controlled Spin Challenge : One Player Game of Polydi

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How accurate are you with your spinning technique?

Take a piece of paper and draw a circle.

Place the paper on the floor or table.

Spin one Polydi and see if you can make it stay inside the circle as it spins.

If you were successful, draw a smaller circle and try again.

Keep making new circles on the paper to see how small you can go.

Note: Try not to waste paper.  Possibly make your circle with a magic marker or crayon.  As you make a smaller circle you can use the same piece of paper but use a different color for the circle.  This makes it easier to see which lines of the circle you must stay within.

If you find the task too difficult, possibly you can find a bigger piece of paper.


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Controlled Spin Polydi

If you do well in this challenge, you may want to write down your score.  See if you can beat your best score the next time you play.


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