Number Capture Time Challenge : One Player Game of Polydi

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The goal of this game is to
see how fast you can capture each number FIVE times.

This game of Polydi is a TIME Challenge.  Set a stop watch, or monitor a clock.

Use our score sheet or create your own.

After each roll, put a check mark or an “X” or any other mark on the score sheet in one of the octagon’s below the number you have rolled.

After you check off each space, you have completed the game and you can stop the clock.

If you roll any “symbol” (plus sign, minus sign, or Polydi Symbol), that counts as a bonus.  You may use this roll to mark off any “number” of your choice. You can NOT save up your bonus rolls until the end.  Use the bonus immediately after you roll a symbol (a symbol is any roll that does not land on a number).

If your time was good, you should write it down on your score sheet and save it for the future. Maybe you can break your record next time.

Here is the Number Capture Time Challenge Score Sheet.


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Time Challenge
If you do well in this challenge, you may want to write down your score.  See if you can beat your best score the next time you play.


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