Slide with Pride Polydi Challenge : Single Player or Team

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This is a single player game.  However, you are permitted to join together with friends to work as a team if you prefer.

This game requires pre-planning.  You will need to first collect cardboard tubes and other supplies in order to build your slide.

Tools Required:

1)   Tape

2)   Paper Towel Roll Tubes (the cardboard center)

3)   Toilet Paper Roll Tubes (the cardboard center)

4)   You may also want to use construction paper, cardboard, or other items to be more inventive with your slide design.


Build a slide for your Polydi.  You can either make a straight slide design or be creative with various angles.  Try the build a very long slide, or possibly a short but very creative slide.  Use your imagination.

Slides will be disqualified if the Polydi can not slide from one end to another.  When designing your slide, keep in mind the angles and pitch so that you do not build a slide that will not work properly.  You do not want your Polydi getting stuck in the middle of your slide.

Good luck.  If you build a great one, please send us a picture.


Images of completed slides coming soon.

If you create an interesting slide, please e-mail us photos.  Maybe we will post your creations for all to see.


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Child in Tube Slide With Pride Polydi Challenge

If you do well in this challenge, you may want to write down your score.  See if you can beat your best score the next time you play.

Slide with Pride Rolls and Tubes


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