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Polydi Tower of Power Stacking Game 4 Rows

The Polydi Tower of Power is a stacking game.

The goal is to go as many rows high as possible.  The more rows you can build the higher up the chain of evolution you will climb.
 1 row: you are an Troll.

 2 rows: you are a soft, fluffy, pink panda.

 3 rows: you are a Gremlin.

 4 rows: you are a Caveman or Cavewomen.

 5 rows: you are a Human.

 6 rows: you are a Genius.

 7 rows: you are a Super Human.

 8 rows: you are a Wizard.

 9 rows: you are a Polydi Ranger.

 10 rows or above: you are a Game Master.

This Polydi stacking game is fun for children of all ages. However, we must admit, it is rather frustrating when the tower falls… If you do not have patience, perseverance, and a steady hand, you may want to try another game.


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Polydi Tower of Power

How many Polydi you can stack?

If you can not complete one row (which is virtually impossible) you may actually be "The Missing Link".

Stacking Polydi 4 Rows


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