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Toy Photo December 2012

Polydi T-rex December 2012

Norsemen Polydi in Snow

Polydi Toy and Game Piece Photo December 2012

Polydi Unleashed Series 1 First Ten Styles Sampled

Polydi Group December 2012

Polydi with Snowman and Santa Claus December 2012

Spider, Tiger, Skull, Pirate 2012

Polydi Line Up December 2012

Polydi tiger photo December 2012

Polydi Photograph December 2012

Polydi January 2013

Polydi Toys with Game Pieces January 2013

Polydi Striker Sample December 2012

Polydi with Santa Claus December 2012

Jolly Roger Polydi Takes the Lord of the Rings Castle

Polydi storms lego castle December 2012

Jolly Roger Takes the Castle December 2012

Battle at the Castle December 2012

Skullcase Hideout

Polydi Game Pieces

Polydi Tree of Life

Polydi In Tree Under Attack

Black Widow Spider Nesting

Jolly Roger Golden Treasure

Braincase Mystical Powers from Lamp

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Polydi Unleashed Series 1

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