Duel, Match, and Game : What is the difference?

 Polydi Brawler Glossary

Based on the original and official rules, in order to
WIN, players must win Duels, then win Matches, and then they can win the entire Game

With that said, it is important to keep in mind that there are several different methods in which you can play Polydi.  Depending on the length of your attention span, you may wish to modify the rules to achieve a shorter game.  Making minor modifications to the length of the game is permitted as long as all players are in full agreement. 

What is a DUEL?

What is a MATCH?

What is a GAME?

If you find that playing a full game is too long, you may wish to play only the duels and possibly a match or two rather then the full game.  However, if you wish to become a master at Polydi, we suggest you play an entire game.

Polydi Game Competition - Duel, Match, and Games


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