Stinger the Scorpion Polydi™
Number 04
Date Born: August 10, 1975
Attributes / Point System
Strength: 7
Speed: 4
Stamina: 5
Intelligence: 3
Offense: Venomous Sting, Pinching Claws
Defense: Hides
Friends: Latrodectus, Biohazard
Rivals: Unknown
Stinger the Scorpion Polydi
Description: Stinger is one of the eight legged Polydi.  We wish we could call him a friend, but he is a bit of a nasty boy.  He has two fierce claws and a dreadful little stinger at the end of his tail.  Unfortunately, he likes using his claws and stinger as often as he can.

Stinger enjoys traveling, and has been spotted on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Although Stinger struts about like a cool dude, he is rather nasty at times. When he gets frustrated with other Polydi he is quick to paralyze them with his venom. For some reason, he gets along with Biohazard and Latrodectus rather well. Maybe they have neurotoxins and enzyme inhibitors in common.

Although Stinger enjoys China, he does NOT enjoy Shandong, China where fried scorpion is a traditional dish.

Stingers zodiac sign is Scorpio.

One of Stingers ancestors actually new the goddess Serket who was one of the goddesses who protected the Pharaoh in ancient Egypt.


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