Jolly Roger the Pirate Polydi™
Number 10
Date Born: November 8, 1968
Attributes / Point System
Strength: 7
Speed: 7
Stamina: 7
Intelligence: 2
Offense: Musket, Sword
Defense: Sails Away
Friends: Braincase
Rivals: Selachimorpha
Jolly Roger the Pirate Polydi
Description:  Jolly Roger is almost always on the move.  He never settles into one location for any sizeable length of time.  When he arrives to a new destination he snoops around as if he is looking for something.  He is known to travel to fine beaches and spend hours at a time digging numerous holes in the sand.  He also travels to secluded locations to trek through jungles or lurk around in dark caves and tunnels.  He does not appear to love any particular location.  Rather then settle down on a tropical beach, he always gets back on his boat and sales off to a new location.  We wonder what he is trying to find.

Jolly Roger appears to be a Jolly soul when he sings his favorite pirate songs.  However, he is clearly not Jolly all the time.  In fact, he is primarily a bitter and grumpy chap.

Jolly Roger does not often sit down for meals.  We think this is why he is so skinny.  In our opinion, he is way to bony.  When we asked him why he does not seam to eat much, he told us he would be more than happy to eat if we served him Selachimorpha.  For some reason, he apparently has a strong dislike for this particular shark Polydi.  Possibly, they have had disagreements in the past.

Jolly Roger does not appear to be very clever.  It has been reported that he has selected a life of crime which is a clear indication that he lacks intelligence.


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