Tyrant Lizard the T-rex Polydi™
Number 11
Date Born: November 24, 2000
Attributes / Point System
Strength: 9
Speed: 6
Stamina: 6
Intelligence: 2
Offense: Biting, Scratching, Tail Swing, Crushing, Stomping
Defense: Armor Like Skin, Not Many Creators Are Foolish Enough to Go Near Him...
Friends: none
Rivals: everyone
Tyrant Lizard the T-rex Dinosaur Polydi

Description: Tyrant Lizard has very little on his mind.  The only thing that this Polydi thinks about is eating.  It appears that he has an insatiable hunger for food as well as conflict.  In all honesty, Tyrant Lizard does not play well with other Polydi.  Although he does play on a team when required, he truly dislikes it.  When he has team mates, they are always afraid to turn their back on him.  Rightfully so...

Tyrant Lizard has a massive skull (with massive teeth) and a long powerful tail.  Both his teeth and tail are often used during his duels.  Although his forelimbs (front arms), are rather small in comparison to the rest of his body, they are unusually powerful for their size.

The Tyrant Lizard Polydi has very strong armor like skin that helps shield him from predators (if any creature was foolish enough to challenge him).

In addition to being ferocious, Tyrant Lizard is also rather fast.  If you do not happen to have a Tyrant Lizard on your own team, you may want to avoid running into one from another players team.


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