Panthera Tigris the Tiger Polydi™
Number 12
Date Born: October 16, 1942
Attributes / Point System
Strength: 8
Speed: 6
Stamina: 5
Intelligence: 5
Offense: Bite, Pounce, Scratch
Defense: Runs, Hides, Growls
Panthera Tigris the Tiger Polydi
Description: Panthera Tigris is a beautiful yet powerful Polydi.  She is always protective of her family, friends and team mates.  Panthera Tigris was born into a species that happens to be the largest cat species.  Although she does not like us telling people her weight, she is over 300 kg (nearly 700 lbs).  Don't tell her that we told you...

She enjoys roaming in the wild and never enjoys being cooped up in confined locations.  If you try to trap her or get on her wrong side in anyway, you may find that she has exceptionally long and stout teeth.  She has a nasty temper when she is provoked.

Panthera Tigris has been frustrated that her natural habitat has been reduced over the years.  She has been informed by her ancestors that her species has been around for around 2 million years.  Although they started out much smaller, they have always been a proud and glorious species.

Although Panthera Tigris enjoys being alone, she also travels at times with her pride (a group of close friends and relatives).


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