Hot Rod the Roadster Polydi™
Number 13
Date Born: May 8, 1930
Attributes / Point System
Strength: 4
Speed: 8
Stamina: 6
Intelligence: 1
Offense: Crashing Into Opponents
Defense: Driving Away
Hot Rod the Roadster Polydi
Description:  Hot Rod was born and raised in the the United States.  He was born in southern California, but he now travels the country and sometimes the globe. 

He has a large engine modified for linear speed.  Although Hot Rod looks big, he is lighter than you would think.  This helps with his speed.  His camshaft is designed to produce more power.  Because his camshaft is so special, some people now call their cars camshaft a "hot stick" or a "hot rod", named after the the famous Hot Rod Polydi.

In the 1930's and 1940's after Hot Rod was born, his name became common place for other cars that had been hopped up by modifying the engine in various ways to achieve higher performance.


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