Role Playing Game Rules Guide for Parents and Teachers
  Game Rules for Parents & Teachers    

Challenge, Run, or Hide: This game allows children to use their imagination to take on the attributes of specific Polydi characters. Thinking through the mind of their character, players will need to make decisions based on pre-determined attributes that have been assigned to each Polydi. In addition to having fun with their imagination, children will also be learning mathematics and strategic thinking along the way.

The Challenge, Run, or Hide game is what we are referring to as an entry level Role Playing Game. Compared to other Role Playing Games (RPG) or Fantasy Games, our Challenge, Run, or Hide game is very basic. Essentially, the game is a extremely small introduction to the world of fantasy games. Our goal is to keep things simple with this game so that young players can enjoy role playing without too many complications.

As children advance, they are welcome to move onto more complex RPG games made by other companies such as Dungeons & Dragons, MAGIC the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Prophecy, Talisman, etc.


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