Polydi Challenge, Run, or Hide™ - Polydi Game Rules
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Summary: This is an entry level ROLE PLAYING GAME that requires strategic thinking as well as basic addition skills.  Each player has a choice of ACTIONS. They will select these actions based on the attribute levels of the Polydi on their team.  Two or more players.

How to Play 

Each player starts with an equal number of Polydi on their team.

Each player takes a turn selecting who to face in competition.

Step 1: ALL players secretly place ONE Polydi in the palm of their hand without other players seeing the Polydi they have selected.  Once players make their selection, they will hold their sealed hand out for all to see that they have officially selected their Polydi.

Step 2: The player who’s turn it is, selects ONE other player to be their opponent.  Those two players will be the only players in the first duel. 

Step 3: The two players will declare which ACTION their Polydi will take to begin this duel (they let everyone know if their Polydi plans to Challenge, Run, or Hide).

Step 4: After announcing their “Action” plan, the two players now show each other the Polydi they have selected for this duel.

Step 5: The first player will now roll their Polydi.  They continue rolling until they land on a number.

Follow the chart below based on the “Actions” the two players selected and the roll of the Polydi.

  • Tip: If the Polydi Symbol is rolled, it can have a significant effect on strategy.

Follow the instruction below based on the ACTIONS selected by BOTH players in the duel. Important: The method of scoring will change if either player rolls the Polydi Symbol and chooses to change either players originally selected action.  Keep in mind that the actions may change more than once in a duel if the Polydi Symbol is rolled more than once.

Down Arrow Rules to Follow Based on the Roll of Your Polydi
Actions Selected Numbers Plus Sign  Plus Sign minus sign  Minus Sign Polydi Symbol  Polydi Symbol
Challenge vs Challenge STRENGTH + Number Rolled add TWO points to score.  Roll again. subtract TWO points from score.  Roll again.
your opponents ACTION selection or change your own action selection or make no change.  Roll again.

Run vs Run STAMINA + SPEED + Number Rolled same as above same as above same as above
Hide vs Hide STAMINA or SPEED + INTELLIGENCE + Number Rolled same as above same as above same as above
Challenge vs Run Strength + Speed + Stamina + Number Rolled same as above same as above same as above
Challenge vs Hide Strength + Intelligence + Number Rolled same as above same as above same as above
Run vs Hide Stamina + Speed + Intelligence + Number Rolled same as above same as above same as above

The Polydi with the highest score wins the DUEL. 

The winner has CAPTURED the other players Polydi.  The captured Polydi is now on the winners team.

When the first duel is complete, “All” players secretly place another Polydi in their hand and prepare for the possibility of another duel.  It is now the next players turn to select an opponent to duel.

Players are not permitted to use the same Polydi twice in a row unless they are down to their last Polydi.

The goal is to capture all the Polydi from the other players.

   See the biography page of your Polydi to learn how much strength, speed, stamina, and intelligence they posses.

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