polydi symbol   Example of Polydi Symbol Effect When Playing Polydi Challenge, Run, or Hide™
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Rolling a
Polydi Symbol allows you to CHANGE your opponents ACTION or change your own action or make no change to either players action. 

For example, if your opponent had originally selected to HIDE because their Polydi has a high intelligence level, you now have the opportunity to change their action to RUN or CHALLENGE.  You may want to change their action to Challenge if you see that they have a low strength level.  This would make their task of beating you more difficult.

Now that you know the Polydi that your challenger has selected for the duel, you may want to change the action that you have selected for your own Polydi.  The decision is up to you.

Your decision will require strategy and a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both players Polydi.

After you make your decisions, you will roll again.

Don't forget, if your opponent rolls a Polydi Symbol, they can change things back...

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