Actions Available for Polydi Challenge, Run, or Hide™
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When faced with potential conflict, Polydi have a choice of action.  In this game, the Polydi has the choice to challenge (fight), run, or hide.

In this Role Playing Game, player become the characters on their Polydi.  They must think like their Polydi and select the best course of action based on their unique abilities When faced with conflict, should your Polydi challenge, run, or hide from an opponent?

ACTIONS available

Challenge:  If a player chooses to “CHALLENGE”, they are agreeing to stand firm and face an opponent head to head in a duel.  They will not run away or try to hide.  Usually a Polydi with a high level of “strength” will stay and challenge the strength of another opponent.

Run:  If a player chooses to “RUN”, they are agreeing to flee the area to limit potential damage.  Runners are not scared.  They simply understand it is sometimes better to move to safer ground.   Runners will typically try to capture their opponent while on the go.  This tactic is often a wise decision if your Polydi does not have much strength but has an ample level of speed and stamina.  If an opponent gives chase, they may miss their mark and be captured by the Polydi that choose to run.

Hide:  If a player chooses to “Hide”, they will attempt to avoid damage by hiding from their opponent.  As they vanish from sight, they also set a trap that will potentially capture their opponent.  In order to hide and spring an adequate trap, your Polydi will need to have a rather fair amount of intelligence.

What will the game masters decide if Norsemen has to face off against Aeetus in a duel?  Each player can make their own decision...

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