Aeetus the Eagle Polydi™
Number 02
Date Born: June 5, 1997
Attributes / Point System
Strength: 4
Speed: 8
Stamina: 7
Intelligence: 5
Offense: Loud shrill can cause headaches and dizziness.
Defense: Flight, Safe in Extreme Cold
Friends: He likes to follow Norsemen around, but we do not know if Norsemen likes Aeetus.
Rivals: Unknown
Aeetus the Eagle Polydi
Description:  Aeetus enjoys soaring over great distances but he does not like leaving North America. He has been spotted as far south as Mexico and as north as Alaska, but he prefers not to venture further. Aeetus can travel the globe, but his preference is North America. He has a soft spot for American’s. It has been reported that Aeetus is very happy that America had selected a Bald Eagle as the national bird instead of the turkey.  As he put it, "I am thrilled that the USA selected my species over that ugly turkey to become the national symbol." 

Aeetus has a high pitched shrill used for communication with other winged creatures.  The shrill may cause his enemies to receive headaches and dizziness.

No matter how nervous or hot Aeetus gets, he never sweats.

Aeetus can travel comfortably to cold climates because he has skin protected by feathers lined with down. His feet and bill also are specially equipped with cold resistance.


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