Attributes Required for Polydi Challenge, Run, or Hide™
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Each Polydi has specific attributes (traits / abilities) that will guide game masters in determining the best action to select.  Clever players will select the actions that best matches the traits of the Polydi on their team.

Strength: The strength attribute defines the power possessed by your Polydi.  A more powerful Polydi will have an advantage when deciding to “Challenge”.

Speed: The speed attribute defines how fast your Polydi can move.  This is an important characteristic if you decide to run or hide.

Stamina: The stamina attribute defines how far your Polydi can travel or how long it can last on a task before it tires.   This is an important characteristic if you decide to run or hide.

Intelligence: The intelligence attribute defines whether or not your Polydi is wise or not so clever.  A Polydi with high levels of intelligence can be smart, witty, tricky, and more.  Intelligence is a key factor for a Polydi that decides to hide during a duel.

Learn more about Attribute Levels and the traits of your Polydi from the Attribute Directory.

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