Polydi 2000 LEVEL 2 Game Rules

For an extra challenge, you can add the following rules when you play Polydi 2000.

If a player rolls the same number TWICE IN A ROW during their turn, they earn 10 bonus points.

If a player rolls the same number THREE TIMES IN A ROW, they earn 30 bonus points.

Tip: The player must have already rolled the number twice in a row to be able to roll the number three times in a row. Don't forget the player should receive 10 bonus points from when they rolled twice in a row and now an additional 30 points. In total, the player would have received 40 bonus points in total.

If a player rolls the same number FOUR TIMES IN A ROW, they automatically win the game. Also, each player in the game must tell the person that rolled, “You are Amazing”, at least ten times.

If you officially end your turn without first declaring your bonus points, you can NOT take the bonus points. In other words, if you did not pay attention and did not notice that you have rolled to meet the special requirement, you miss out on getting the extra points. Make sure you pay attention!!!

All other rules of Polydi 2000 stay the same.

Note: Players can NOT roll the plus sign or minus sign more than once in a row.  When those are rolled once, it ends your turn.

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