Game : How does Polydi end?  Well, you must win the "Game".

 Polydi Brawler Glossary   Duel - Match - Game

If you win the required number of matches you will become officially VICTORIOUS and the winner of the entire competition.

First person to win THREE matches wins the game.

In summary, first you must win several duels.  Then you must outperform your opponent to win your matches.  If all goes according to plan, you will then have the opportunity to win the entire game.

If you win the game, you are victorious.


As a reminder, IF you wish, you can shorten the game by only having duels or limiting the number of matches.  You can make an agreement with the other players to determine the length of play.  The idea is to have FUN.  If you think a full game (winning three matches) is too lengthy, you can certainly shorten your adventure.



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