Duel or Duels in the Game of Polydi Brawler

 Polydi Brawler Glossary   Duel - Match - Game

A DUEL is the first stage of competition. 

When you begin a game of Polydi Brawler™, you will start the game with a DUEL.

As you will see in the Polydi Brawler game rules, each player rolls their Polydi until they achieve enough strength points to win the duel.

If you are playing the Most Basic Rules (Level 1) the duel consists of only one round.

If you are playing Level 2 or above, each Duel has more then one round of play.

In a duel:

  • The player with the "higher" score wins the duel. 

  • IF two or more players are tied with the highest points, the players in the tie roll again in a tie breaker round.

* Reminder, you earn points by rolling “numbers” on the Polydi.

If you win a duel, you are fortunately on your way to victory.  However, you have NOT yet won the match.  A duel is only a small portion of the match.  If you win a duel, you will earn Polydi from your opponents.  This will help you gain strength and move you closer toward winning a “match”.



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