Polydi Brawler™ Game Rules 

The game of Polydi Brawler™ has several different levels of play.


fire Level 1 : These are very basic rules...

fire Level 2 (this is the primary version of Polydi Brawler™) : Players add their score from each round to build enough strength to win the duel.

fire Level 3 : Only "one" player's Polydi earns strength points during each round. 

Players will subtract the second highest roll to determine the strength points earned by the winner of the round.  The WINNER of the round will then add the strength that they have earned to their total.

fire Level 4 : This is the first level that "multiplication" comes into play.  In order to determine your strength points, you will need to have an understanding of basic multiplication.

fire Level 5 : In level 5 you will need to multiply, add, and subtract.  The multiplication is more complex then in level 4 competition.  If you have completed previous levels, you may be ready for the challenge of level five.

More levels of competition are coming soon...


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