Polydi Brawler LEVEL ONE : BASIC Rules

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Players start with the same number of Polydi. One player rolls at a time. The player with the highest score wins the duel.

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  How many Polydi to start? 

All players start with the same number of Polydi.

You can start with more or less as long as each player starts with the same amount.

If you do not own enough Polydi, you can use game pieces.

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  Who goes first?   

Girls always go first

Read more details about who goes first.

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  Rolling a NUMBER   

If you roll a Number, that number becomes your score. 

Once you roll a number your turn is complete.

It is now the next players turn.

Tip: Your score can also be called your "strength points" or power points, etc.

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  Rolling a MINUS SIGN

If you roll a (minus sign) that means you must put the Polydi that you have just rolled into the cage.  Your Polydi has been CAPTURED

Take another Polydi and roll again.

Polydi Captured in Cage
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Polydi minus sign

  Rolling a PLUS SIGN

If you roll a (plus sign) that means you can take one Polydi out from the cage.  You ALSO add ONE POINT to the score of your next roll. 

Roll your Polydi again.

Tip: If you roll a plus sign a few times, don’t forget to keep adding one point to your score for each plus sign rolled.

plus sign polydi

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  Rolling a Polydi Symbol? 

If you roll a Polydi Symbol you collect "one" Polydi from EACH player.  You can select which of the Polydi Brawlers to collect from each player. 

Also, you can take one Polydi from the cage.

Roll your Polydi again.

Polydi Peace Gear Polydi Symbol

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  How do you WIN A DUEL? 

After each player has had their turn, the player with the
highest score wins

The player with the HIGHEST SCORE wins the Polydi that was played by each player in the duel

The winner also gets the Polydi that have been captured in the cage during the duel.

You can now challenge your opponents to another duel.

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  How do you WIN THE GAME?  

  • TWO PLAYER Game : you must win ALL of your challengers Polydi Brawlers to win the match.
  • THREE PLAYER Game : the first person to collect a total of 12 Polydi wins the match.
  • FOUR or MORE PLAYER Game : the first person to collect a total of 15 Polydi wins the match.
Tip: If you modified the number of Polydi being used during your game, you may need to alter the number of Polydi needed to win the match.  That should be decided by the players in the game "before" the game begins.

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  What about a TIE SCORE?  

In the game of Polydi their can only be " One" champion at a time. 

If two or more players have a tie score, the players with the same score must ROLL AGAIN.

Learn more details about the tie breaker rules.

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Polydi Brawler Level 1 Rules:

# of Polydi, Going First, Rolling Numbers, Rolling Minus, Rolling Plus, Rolling Polydi Symbol, Winning Duels, Winning Games, Tie Breakers.

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At the end of each game session, all players must return each Polydi to the original and rightful owner.  This rule applies for all Polydi game levels.  If you have found any concerns or questions regarding any of our rules, please contact us


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