CAGE : Oh no.. Has your Polydi been sent to the cage???

 Polydi Brawler Glossary  
Polydi Cage

If your Polydi is moved to the CAGE, this means that your Polydi has been CAPTURED

If you role a minus sign Polydiminus” sign, you must submit your Polydi to the Cage.

What is the Cage?

The cage can be an actual Polydi Cage, or you can simply place the Polydi in the center of the field of play.  If you are playing on a table or floor, you can put the Polydi that have been captured in the middle of the table or floor and call that the cage area.  If you would like to be more creative, you can build a cage out of paper, cardboard, or possibly another material.

As you read the rules of the game, you will learn that some rolls of the Polydi will benefit you.  However, you will also learn that other rolls of the Polydi will work against you.

 Unfortunately, if you rolled a "minus sign" in the game of Polydi Brawler, your Polydi has been captured.


Note: Do not panic... According to the rules of Polydi, at the end of your game session, all Polydi are to be returned to their original owners.


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