Polydi Brawler LEVEL FOUR Game Rules


Players will roll TWO POLYDI at one time. After both Polydi land on NUMBERS, the player will multiply the two numbers to determine the strength points that they have earned.  Players ONLY re-roll Polydi that have not yet landed on a number (do NOT re-roll numbers).  After you have rolled TWO numbers, you will multiply those two numbers to determine the strength points you have earned.

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  How many Polydi to start? important Polydi rules notemore than in earlier levels.


The TEN Polydi you select for the match become your Polydi Brawlers for the game.

Your Polydi Brawlers are essentially your "TEAM" for the entire game.

  • IF all players agree "before" the game begins, you are permitted to begin the game with a higher or lower number of Polydi.  However, all players must agree to the rule change and each player must start with the exact same number of Polydi.
  • IF you decide to start with more or less then 10 Polydi per player, it will affect the method to determine the winner of the match (if you are playing a multi player game).  If you change from our suggested 10 Polydi rule, you will need make a decision before you begin your duels about the number of Polydi to collect in order to win the match.

If you do not own enough Polydi, you can use game pieces.

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  Who goes first?   

Girls always go first

Read more details about who goes first.

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  Rolling a NUMBERimportant game rule

Each player rolls TWO POLYDI at one time.

Continue your turn until you have TWO NUMBERS

If only one Polydi lands on a number, you will re-roll ONLY the Polydi that landed on a symbol (plus, minus, or Polydi Symbol).  You do NOT re-roll a Polydi that has already landed on a number.  Once a Polydi lands on a number, that one Polydi is complete.

Once you have rolled two numbers, your turn is complete.

MULTIPLY the two numbers to calculate the strength points you have earned for the round.

Tip: Your score can also be called your strength points, power points, etc.

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  Rolling a MINUS SIGNimportant game rule

If you roll a (minus sign) that means you must put the Polydi that you have just rolled into the cage.  Your Polydi has been CAPTURED

Take another Polydi and roll again.

If you roll TWO minus signs on your first roll, you must put two Polydi in the cage.  You now take two new Polydi and roll again.

Note: If you roll a plus sign and minus sign on the same roll, you put your Polydi in the cage, then you instantly remove that Polydi from the cage.  Don’t forget to also add one point to the score of your lowest Polydi roll before you multiply your two numbers.

Polydi Captured in Cage
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Polydi minus sign

  Rolling a PLUS SIGN important game rule


1)  Add one point to your “LOWEST” number Polydi (determine the lowest after you roll two numbers).

  • You add the bonus point to your lowest rolled number “before” you multiply the two numbers.

Example: If you roll a 6 and 4.  You will add "one" bonus point to the number 4 which was your lower of the two numbers.  Your score will then be 6 x 5 = 30 strength points.

2) Remove one Polydi from the cage if one has been captured.

If you roll TWO Plus Signs on your first roll, you can add TWO points to your “lowest” number Polydi and remove “TWO” Polydi from the cage.

Roll again to continue your turn.  ONLY roll the Polydi that rolled a Plus Sign.

Tip: If you roll a plus sign a few times, don’t forget to keep adding one point to your score for each plus sign rolled.

plus sign polydi

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  Rolling a Polydi Symbol?  important game rule

If you roll a Polydi Symbol you collect "one" Polydi from EACH player.  You can select which of the Polydi Brawlers to collect from each player. 

Also, you can take one Polydi from the cage.

If you roll TWO Polydi Symbols on your first roll, you collect TWO Polydi from each player.  You then roll both Polydi again.

Players continue rolling until they have only numbers.

Roll your Polydi again.

Polydi Peace Gear Polydi Symbol

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  How do you WIN A DUEL?  important game rule

After each player has had their turn, the player with the highest score wins

The player with the HIGHEST SCORE wins ONE Polydi that was played by each player in the duel

The winner also gets the Polydi that have been captured in the cage during the duel.

You can now challenge your opponents to another duel.

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  How do you WIN THE GAME?  

  • TWO PLAYER Game : you must win ALL of your challengers Polydi Brawlers to win the match.
  • THREE PLAYER Game : the first person to collect a total of 12 Polydi wins the match.
  • FOUR or MORE PLAYER Game : the first person to collect a total of 15 Polydi wins the match.
If you find that the game is going too long, players may agree to set a timer.  If a timer is set, the person with the most Polydi when the timer goes off is the winner of the game.  If two or more players have the same number of Polydi, go to a tie breaker round (roll again).

If you modified the number of Polydi being used during your game, you may need to alter the number of Polydi needed to win the match.  That should be decided by the players in the game "before" the game begins.

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  What about a TIE SCORE?  

In the game of Polydi their can only be " One" champion at a time. 

If two or more players have a tie score, the players with the same score must ROLL AGAIN.

Learn more details about the tie breaker rules.

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Polydi Level 4 Rules
Here in level four, MULTIPLICATION is introduced into the game of Polydi Brawler™ If you are not comfortable with basic multiplication, we suggest that you come back to this challenge in the future.


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