Can I Pick My Nose and Play Polydi?

  Polydi Rules

According to the Official Polydi Rules, NO player is permitted to pick their nose during the game.

If a player is caught officially picking their nose, that player should put one of their Polydi into the cage as a penalty for breaking the rules.

Here are a few reasons why nose picking is not permitted during the game of Polydi:

1) Polydi are allergic to boogers.

2)  During the game of Polydi other players may touch your Polydi (if they win a duel).  If one of your boogers accidentally became attached to a Polydi, it is very possible that another player could accidentally get that booger stuck on their hand.  That is simply disgusting.

3)  A booger is mucus or snot, usually dried nasal mucus.  That is most definitely something that should not be touched by human hands.

4)  Nose picking often becomes distracting to both the nose picker and the players that witness the nose picking.  Distractions are not beneficial to the game.

It is important to understand that here at Polydi we are not against boogers.  The fact of the matter is that your boogies are actually rather important.  The mucus is their to help protect your lungs.  When you breathe air through your nose, it contains lots of tiny things, like dust, dirt, germs, and possibly pollen depending on the time of year.  If these made it all the way to the lungs, the lungs could get irritated or infected, making it tough to breathe.  Fortunately, your snot helps trap this stuff, which helps keep that nasty stuff in the nose and out of the lungs.

Although the snot is their to help, you really do not want to leave much in your nose.  The official suggestion from Polydi is that you do your best to blow your snot into a tissue (do not hide the tissue in the room of a brother or sister.  You should throw the tissue immediately into the garbage).

Boogers can be squishy and slimy or tough and crumbly. Everybody gets them, so they are really not a big deal.

Again, the official rule is that nose picking is not permitted during the game of Polydi.


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If you were a booger I would pick you first