Striker the Soccer Ball Polydi™
Number 06
Date Born: September 19, 2002
Attributes / Point System
Strength: 3
Speed: 8
Stamina: 8
Intelligence: 4
Offense: Kicking
Defense: Bouncing and Running
Friends: Heater
Rivals: Stinger
Striker Polydi
Description: Striker is a very athletic Polydi. He has superior speed and stamina. Once on the move, it is rather hard to catch Striker. One thing that Striker dislikes more than most others is “sharp objects”. He has an uncontrollable fear of deflating. He tries to stay away from Stinger as much as possible.  Striker does not travel often, and is often found playing in the grass near his home.When taunted or upset, he forcefully drives himself into opposing Polydi. He is soft on the outside, but certainly not one to be under estimated. Striker likes to win at all times. 

In his spare time, Striker likes to play soccer when in the United States and plays football when he travels to most other countries.  Striker is very good at many sports.


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