Polydi game pieces    Polydi Game Pieces

Some of the Polydi games require the use of more than one Polydi. 

If you do not have enough Polydi™, you are welcome to use our official Polydi Game Pieces.  They are pieces of plastic cut out in the shape of our Polydi Symbol.

For games such as Polydi Brawler, you will need at least one Polydi to roll, but instead of using Polydi to keep track of who is winning, you can use our game pieces instead.

If you do not have official game pieces, you are welcome to use any other item to help you keep track.  For example, you can use checker pieces, marbles, small pieces of paper, etc.  Be creative...

In addition to being a supporting component for other Polydi games, we have created games that can be played with the official Polydi Game Pieces.

Try the Game Piece Tapper game.


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