Polydi Attribute Challenge - Game Rules

First determine the power of your Polydi™ by adding together their attribute points.

Add the Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Intelligence of your Polydi to determine your power.

Example: 8 Strength + 4 Speed + 6 Stamina + 5 Intelligence = 23 Power

plus sign Roll a PLUS SIGN, add one point to your score. Roll again.
minus sign Roll a MINUS SIGN, each of your opponents gain one point.  Roll again.
Polydi Symbol

Roll a POLYDI SYMBOL, an additional Polydi joins your team. You now have a team mate against your opponent.  Roll both Polydi.

  • Each time you roll a Polydi Symbols add another Polydi to your team and roll them all.

  • You can NOT add the attributes of your additional Polydi.  You only add the points from the roll.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
Roll a NUMBER, add the number to your attribute points and that is your score.

Example, if your Polydi has 23 Power and you rolled a 6, you have 29 points.

HIGHEST score WINS the duel.  If you tied, roll again.

  • Winner collects the Polydi™ from the challengers.

  • Win the game by collecting all the Polydi™ from the other players.

  • You can’t use the same Polydi for two turns in a row (unless you have no more).

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Trex Polydi toy

Tip: In the Polyd Attribute Challenge game, if you roll more Polydi Symbols, you continue to add an additional Polydi. You gain more points, but you also risk losing more Polydi if your opponent beats your score.

Important Tip: If you roll a Polydi Special Symbol and have the opportunity to bring another Polydi onto your team, you do not have to use a high power character.  That additional Polydi only gains points for the score you roll.  You will not add up their attribute points.  Make sure to use strategy when deciding which Polydi to use in the duel.
   As always, return all Polydi to the owner when the game is complete. 

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