Polydi Patience : Game Rules - Sorry, you must wait your turn...

Each player starts with the same number of Polydi.  We suggest 10, but players can agree to any quantity.  The object of the game is to win all of the Polydi from each player.

To start the game, each player puts the following number of Polydi into the cage (center).

Two or Three Player Game: each player puts TWO Polydi into the cage.

Four or More Player Game: each player puts ONE Polydi into the cage.

Number : Rolling a number determines WHICH PLAYER GOES NEXT.  The player that rolled the number starts counting from the person to their LEFT.   Count each player in a clockwise direction and stop when you reach the number that was rolled.  It is now that person’s turn to roll one of their Polydi.

The player that originally rolled the number gets counted and has the opportunity to roll again.

Minus Sign : Your Polydi has been captured.  Put your Polydi into the cage.  Take another of your own Polydi and roll again.  If you are out of Polydi, you are out of the game.

Plus Sign : Take any ONE Polydi out of the cage.  Roll again.

If that was the last Polydi in the cage, this round is over. 

Polydi Symbol Polydi symbol You have rescued all of the Polydi from the cage.  Take ALL of the Polydi out from the cage.  You have won this round.


In order to enjoy this game, you will need to be patient and wait your turn…

As always, return all Polydi to their rightful owners when the game is completed.

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Who goes first?  After the first round of the game is complete, players will take turns going first.

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