Polydi Value Hunter - Game Rules

Players are hunting for the highest possible value. 

Each player takes a turn and rolls their Polydi™ until each Polydi lands on a NUMBER. 

They will then use the numbers rolled to build the highest value possible (highest number). 

For example, if a player has rolled a 4, 7, and 2 the highest number they can build is 742 (Seven Hundred Forty Two).

The player with the HIGHEST VALUE WINS the game. 

Keep in mind that the minus sign, plus sign, and Polydi Symbol may affect the players score.

Rolling a NUMBERS
Rolling a MINUS signs
Rolling a PLUS signs
Rolling a Polydi Symbol

How many Polydi are used to begin the game?

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This game helps with number values as well as strategic thinking.

This challenge contains, addition, subtraction, and strategic thinking.

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