Polydi Symbol Rolling a Polydi Symbol : Polydi Value Hunter Game Rules

You gain the special ability to re-roll any one Polydi that has landed on a number (you can save this special opportunity until you have rolled all of your numbers).

For example, if you are playing a three Polydi game, and your final roll is 4, 1, 8 this means your score is 841.  If you have rolled a Polydi Symbol at any time during your turn, you can re-roll the Polydi that had landed on “1”.   Keep in mind, if you roll a minus, plus, or Polydi Symbol during that bonus roll, you will need to follow the rules again for that roll.

Keep track of the number of times you roll the Polydi Symbol during your turn.  You can collect these benefits and use them at the end of your turn after you have rolled all numbers. 

If you do not want to use this special ability, you do not have to re-roll any of your numbers.  This is your choice.

After you roll a Polydi Symbol example of Polydi Symbol, you roll this Polydi again.  Your Polydi does not finish until it lands on a number.

When you roll a Polydi Symbol, you have to think strategically.  If you roll a 5, are you going to take a chance and re-roll?  Hint: This decision is easier if you are the last player to take your turn.

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