Games of Chance with Polydi  

Race to Win- This is a fun game of chance that requires a fast hand and mind.  After your first roll, quickly determine which Polydi will give you the best odds for a speedy victory.  If you wish to play a more challenging game, try a higher level.

Polydi Patience – If luck is on your side, you will roll the “Polydi Symbol” and rescue the Polydi from the cage. Rolling a “plus sign” is also helpful. But we strongly suggest that you do NOT roll a “minus sign”. Rolling a minus would certainly not be good luck.

Number Capture Time Challenge™ - This game can be tons of fun, but it definitely requires a great deal of luck. Be warned, it may take a long time to complete this game of chance. Are you ready to test your luck with the dice?

Lucky Seven Low Score Challenge™ - This is primarily a game of chance. See how quickly you can roll three sevens. Watch out for the “minus sign” or you have to start again.

If you want to monkey around and play some fun games, try the random games of chance above.


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Monkey Around Playing Games
These games require a very small amount of thought or skill. The game is primarily determined by the “random roll” of our special Polydi™ dice.
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