Benefits of Playing Polydi Games


At first glance, Polydi™ may appear to be simple little toys, but when playing Polydi™ games, it is clear to see that these so called "toys" are actually amazing little educational tools.

Many educators would agree that one of the best ways to learn arithmetic facts is an instructional practice called drill & practice. The concept being that repetition of small facts will help with memorization.  Polydi math games help promote the acquisition of knowledge through repetitive practice. The more often a child practices his or her basic math skills the more fact retention will be achieved. Polydi Math Tree - Learn math with games

The dice games that can be played with Polydi™ are educational for many reasons. The numbers encourage counting and value recognition for younger children and quick mental addition for older children. In some of our games, children are introduced to subtraction, multiplication, and strategic thinking.

Dice games also benefit children by reinforcing concepts such as taking turns (patience), scoring (mental or written), winning or losing (hopefully, with grace), and much more.

Most children enjoy the look and feel of Polydi and are more than happy to build their collection. Therefore, children typically do not resist parental or teacher suggestions to have the toys available for play. Parents and teachers can assist the learning process by introducing children to the mathematical benefits of the toy.

There are several different Polydi™ games that can be played. Some Polydi™ games help students develop math skills and others are designed strictly for fun. Polydi™ games that help develop math skills typically have multiple levels of play. As players move to higher levels of game play, they will face additional mathematical challenges. As your child's mathematical abilities develop, so do the Polydi™ games. Children should play games based on their mathematical abilities as well as their individual comfort levels. If children are having "fun" they will want to keep playing (and learning.) The more often they play, the more often they will be practicing basic math facts.

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Polydi™ help children retain arithmetic facts through a fun based repetition process. Players will learn number values, addition, subtraction, multiplication and strategic thinking skills.  With a strong foundation of primary math skills, children will learn to excel in other areas as well.  With the help of parents and teachers, Polydi can be a tool used in association with your schools math curriculum.

Polydi help parents and teachers because Polydi can entertain and educate children.


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