Math Game Rules Guide for Parents and Teachers
  Game Rules for Parents & Teachers    

In this area you will find fun math games that are played with the Polydi toy. The games can be played by elementary school students, middle school students, and beyond.  Below we have added a little information to help make your game selection a bit easier.


Polydi Brawler (multi player game) – a math game with multiple levels.

Level 1: Number Values

Level 2: Addition (our Favorite Level)

Level 3: Addition & Subtraction

Level 4: Addition & basic Multiplication

Level 5: Addition, Subtraction, & a bit more complex Multiplication

Polydi 2000 (multi player game) - a math game with a nice twist of STRATEGY required.

Level 1: Addition, Strategic Thinking. (our Favorite Level)

Level 2: Addition, Strategic Thinking, you must Pay Attention.

Level 3: Addition, Strategic Thinking, Attention Development, Memory Development.

Level 4: Addition, Strategic Thinking, Attention Development, Memory Development.

Level 5: Addition, Subtraction, Strategic Thinking, Attention Development, Memory Development.

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Parents & Teachers.

Polydi Value Hunter (multi player game) – This game requires a basic understanding of Number Values, Addition, Subtraction, and Strategic Thinking (if you roll Polydi Symbol). The Polydi Value Hunter™ game is designed to increase in complexity based on the number of Polydi™ you utilize to play the game. Students can learn number values in the tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and higher.

Race to Win - If you are searching for a game with educational value, you will need to go to level 3 and above when playing this game. Starting in Level 3, an “addition” component is added as a task in the game. If players wish to do well in the race, they will have to quickly do their calculations. Players are welcome to do the math problems in their head or use paper to write out the equation. If players choose to advance to level 4, their tasks will begin to include “subtraction” as well. The Race to Win game also utilizes a little bit of strategic thinking. If we create levels above four, they may require additional math or strategic thinking skills.

Polydi 1.0  - This is a basic level game that requires a limited amount of addition.  It is a fun game for children of all ages, but the younger children may need an adult to help them with addition if a player roles the Polydi Symbol.  For very young children (playing with an adult), they can practice number value recognition (which numbers are higher or lower).  The adult can assist the child by doing the addition and allow the child to determine the number value to find out if they win or lose Polydi to their opponent.

Polydi Attribute Challenge - Your student or child will be anxious to do addition as they calculate the power of their Polydi. In order to determine their score in a duel, they must first add the strength, speed, stamina, and intelligence of their Polydi (attributes / attribute directory).  After determining their power, the math is not yet complete.  Each play must combine their attribute power plus the score rolled by their Polydi.  An additional math step occurs if a player rolls a Polydi Symbol.

Challenge, Run, or Hide™ - This game allows children to use their imagination to take on the attributes of specific Polydi characters. Thinking through the mind of their character, they will need to make decisions based on pre-determined attributes that have been assigned to each Polydi. In addition to having fun with their imagination, children will also be learning mathematics and strategic thinking along the way.

The Challenge, Run, or Hide game is what we are referring to as an entry level Role Playing Game. Compared to other Role Playing Games (RPG) or Fantasy Games, our Challenge, Run, or Hide game is very basic. Essentially, the game is a extremely small introduction to the world of fantasy games. Our goal is to keep things simple with this game so that young players can enjoy role playing without too many complications.

Polydi Roller (multi player game) - this game utilizes basic measurement skills (ruler required), Addition, & Strategic Thinking. The game also has an option to use Multiplication (but is not required). This is a very fun game but it does require a good amount of room to play (we find it best on a hardwood floor).  Also, a little bit of set up time is required.

Polydi Dislikes(multi player game) - this game utilizes basic addition (game works best when supervised by an adult).

Only One Polydi (multi player game) - a math game with addition. This game is actually an alternate way to play Polydi Brawler™. You can use this method for all levels of Polydi Brawler (tweak the rules accordingly). This version of the game allows people to enjoy the benefits of our math games even if they do not have more than one Polydi™.

Lucky Seven Low Score Challenge - This game is primarily a game of chance. However, it does require very basic addition as well.

Higher or Lower - This game is intended for youngsters in Pre-K or Kindergarten.  The goal here is to introduce children to number values.

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