Only One Polydi - Multi Player


WOW, do you really have only ONE Polydi??? 

GOOD NEWS, you can still have fun with only one.

Each player will need at least 10 items for scoring purposes. 

  • Suggested Items:  small pebbles or pennies or marbles or checker pieces or tiny pieces of paper.  Any small item can be used.  Each player must start with an equal amount of the item.  If you are lucky, maybe you have Polydi Game Pieces available.

Game Rules

Our example below uses “pebbles”, but you can use any item.

Each player starts with “one” Polydi (you can share if needed) and an equal number of pebbles.

The first player rolls their Polydi.

Roll a number:  Write it down.  This is your score for the round.

Roll a minus sign: your Polydi has been captured.  Put one pebble into the cage.  Roll again.

Roll a plus sign: earn one bonus point to be added to your next roll.  Remove any one pebble from the cage.  Roll again.

Roll a Polydi Symbol Polydi Symbol: collect one pebble from “each” player.  Remove any one pebble from the cage.  Roll again.

When you reach 21 or over on your score card you win the duel (each player must take their equal number of turns; highest score wins).  If the score is tie, go to a tie breaker round.

important Winner of the duel collects one pebble from each player and collects all pebbles that are in the cage at the end of the duel.

Continue to the next duel until one player wins all of the pebbles.

The player that captures all of the pebbles wins the game.


Read more detailed Polydi Game Rules to learn about “tie breakers”, “who goes first”, “matches”, and much more.  You will also learn about more game options.

Only One Polydi

Learn some possible ways to get more Polydi (you can beg your parents).

By the way, we now have some more games that you can play with only one Polydi.  For example, you can play multi player games such as Polydi 2000™ with only ONE Polydi™.  Also, you can play one player games such as Lucky Seven Low Score Challenge and others.  Check the game rules section.


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