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Spin to Win Time Challenge (multi player or single player) – The rules are rather simple, but breaking the record is not always so easy. Essentially, players will see how long they can keep their Polydi spinning. If you want, you can have more than one player spinning at a time. Keep in mind that if you bump each other over, both of your Polydi™ will most likely fall. This is a fun method with more than three players.  Here is the single player rules.

Spin Them All Challenge (single player game) – this game is similar to the Spin to Win Time Challenge. The difference being that players try to spin “many” Polydi™ at one time. As soon as “one” falls the game is over. How many can you spin at one time?

Edge the Ledge(multi player or single player) – the Edge the Ledge game is a rather tricky one. It is not as easy as you think to control where your spinning Polydi™ will come to rest. It is extremely easy to lose control and fall of the edge.  Here is the single player version.

Controlled Spin Challenge- If you think you have control of your Polydi, you may want to give this challenge a try. Keep in mind, the better you get, the harder the game becomes. Keep making your target smaller if you want to become a true game master.

Polydi Roundup(multi player game) – The Polydi Roundup game requires the player to roll the Polydi across a surface such as the floor. They are not simply rolling the dice for a quick random roll. They are actually rolling for distance and accuracy. Some people believe that this game requires great skill. Others believe it is a combination of luck and skill. What do you think?

Polydi Roller(multi player game) –Polydi Roller is another game that tests your accuracy when rolling a Polydi™ across a surface such as a floor. In addition to accuracy, this game requires other skills such as math, measuring, and strategic thinking.

Polydi Tower of Power(single player game) – The tower of power game requires a very steady hand. If you are shaky, your tower will fall for sure.

Slide with Pride Polydi Challenge - This game is more of an arts & crafts or construction project than an actual game. It requires creative thinking, and project development skills.

Keep in mind that the Math Games also require skills.

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