Spinning Games with Polydi  

It is fun to spin and not get dizzy. SPINNING Polydi™ is super fun.

Spin to Win Time Challenge - See how long you can keep your Polydi spinning. If you get a good time, write it down and see if your friends can break your record. You can play this game alone or with a friend.

Card Chaos™ - See if you can create interesting new card tricks and Polydi spinning trick techniques.

Spin Them All Challenge – Try to spin several Polydi at one time. When one falls, the game is over. See how many Polydi you can have spinning at one time.

Edge the Ledge - It is not as easy as you think to control where your spinning Polydi™ will stop. Start your spin on the counter or table and see how close you can come to landing on the edge and NOT fall off.

Controlled Spin Challenge - If you think you have control of your Polydi, you may want to give this challenge a try. Keep in mind, the better you get, the harder the game becomes. Keep making your target smaller if you want to become a true game master.

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Check out our Polydi Video section to see examples of Polydi spinning.

Watch the Polydi toy spin from these videos:

Spinning Polydi

Polydi Successful Spin off Four Ramps

Polydi Triple Bankshot

Polydi Spinning Off At least 4 Ramps

Trick Spin July 2012

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