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Polydi 2000- When playing this game, you will need to decide when to take risk and when to play it safe by locking in some of your strength points. If you roll a Polydi Symbol, you will be able to give yourself bonus points or move one of your friends back to ZERO points.

 Challenge, Run, or Hide™ -In this game, you will rely on the attributes of your Polydi to help you win duels.  Based on the skill level of your Polydi, you will need to decide whether you should face your challenge, run, or hide.  Either way, you have an opportunity to capture your opponent.

Polydi Value Hunter - In the Polydi Value Hunter game, strategic thinking is important if you roll a “Polydi Symbol”. If this happens, you will need to strategically determine if it is in your best interest to re-roll an existing number. Your new roll can result in a better score, OR you can wind up unfortunately with a lower roll. Even worse, you may roll a minus sign and lose even more points.

Polydi Roller- Polydi Roller tests your accuracy when rolling a Polydi™ across a surface such as a floor. In addition to accuracy, this game requires other skills such as math, measuring, and strategic thinking. Strategy comes into play during several aspects of the game.

  • Selecting which target to aim toward (the one with higher point value may be farther away).

  • Deciding if you should try to bump a target, bump another Polydi, or aim to get close to a target.

  • If you roll a plus sign or Polydi Symbol, which Polydi will you move?

Race to Win™ - The Polydi Race to Win game requires a very limited amount of strategy.  However, a tiny bit is needed when determining which numbers to try and roll.

Polydi Attribute challenge™ - This game requires a small amount of strategy.  Players need to determine which of their Polydi would serve them best.  They also must use a tiny bit of strategy if they role a Polydi Symbol during the game.

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Many of our games require thought, but they do not all require STRATEGY. The games on this page require more than luck alone. Are you super clever? Can you out think your challengers?
Decisions, decisions, decisions… What will you do on your next turn?